Auto Stopper

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I see parents every day chasing their kids around the yard or on the sidewalk trying to get them to control their electric ride-along cars. Children don't seem to get the concept of "stop" while driving their electric cars, so mom or dad have to run after them in a panic to catch the car before it gets driven into the bushes, the back of a real car or into the road.

The Auto Stopper was created to let parents take control of those cars from a distance. The Auto Stopper is a small box that is plugged in between the cars battery and power wire, a small remote control is used by the parents to kill the power to the vehicle and stop it in its tracks. When mom sees danger coming, she just hits the stop button which turns off a relay on the vehicle and junoir is safe. A reset button would have to be pushed to allow the car to work again. Once the car is moved out of harms way, the child can take control once more. The relay and remote would be sold as a set and can fit all kids' vehicles.


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