Smart Information Finder and Controller (SIFC)

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The SIFC device obtains data from physical objects to virtual objects, shares between two virtual objects and controls the physical object if it can be, based on certain control boundaries. A physical object can be a book, a car or any kind of electronics inside the home or office and any kind of physical objects around us. The physical objects are classified into
1) Active objects and
2) Passive objects

Only information will be provided about the passive objects and cannot be controlled. Whereas for active objects, information and its current status are provided as well as control of those objects are possible.

This design bridges the gap between the real world and the virtual computing world allowing the user to know about anything, anytime and anywhere. Also the user has unprecedented control over their home and office, including every possible electrical and electronic gadget and their vehicles. This is done by accessing the video surveillance cameras under all possible environments and using image processing techniques. Once the objects are classified as active or passive, either its info or its info and control parameters can be passed. Also this is limited to one’s own property and accessibility to the objects.

Suppose a book and an I-phone are on a table. The book is classified as Passive object and the I-phone is classified as Active object. Now only the info about the book is displayed on the notebook or the master computer’s screen along on the surveillance stream. The info as well as the control parameters of the I-phone are displayed since it is an active object. The book can be accessed page by page as a snap when it is flipped manually and the contents of it can be copied to the I-phone so that it can be viewed at a later time. This can be done by just opening the page manually, then clicking and dragging it to the I-Phone image available on the surveillance screen. The I-phone may be wired or may be wirelessly connected (thru Wi-Fi or any wireless protocol) to the notebook or the main computer. In this way the info and details of the passive components are obtained thru data mining of the web by the main computer and are displayed to the user on a GUI based surveillance stream.

Similarly the home and office electrical and electronics are monitored and controlled. For instance if the user wishes to know the status of his refrigerator at home,the refrigerator responds with its current statistics of its freezer temperature, the bio zone temperature via an embedded node connected to it and which is transmitted wirelessly to the main computer. Hence the user can alter the settings as required and in the same way it works for all gadgets. This at a larger scale and on more secured platforms where the street surveillance cameras and the most secured stations cameras are integrated, provides info about virtually anything that is available on the screen from humans to objects.


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