Platypus Cello Case for Student Musicians

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Although there are a number of cello cases availalbe on the market for the hundreds of thousands of student cellists, there is currently a sizable gap in the cost of these cases. Low-cost cases (up to $200+) are mostly 'soft' cases (bags), which provide minimal protection for these expensive and fragile instruments. At the other end of the spectrum are hard cases, which are too expensive (starting around $500, all the way up to $2500) for many parents of new musicians to justify. More often than not, student musicians and their parents opt for the minimal protection of the 'soft' cases for these instruments due solely to the high cost of the hard cases.

Platypus Cases, LLC will offer a new product to fill this void and provide new musicians
with a more cost-effective ($300 retail) way to properly protect their new investment. In the eyes of retailers, the Platypus instrument case provides an affordable, yet
higher-margin alternative to offer their customers that would typically opt for an inexpensive soft case.

The Platypus cello case has been designed with the target consumer in mind. The case is highly durable, light-weight, and cost-effective. The design includes features not
available in any other case on the market, including the 'Grab-N-Go' music/gear pouch, thermal insulation, built-in music stand, and scalability from 3/4- to full-size instruments. The material chosen for the case is EPP foam, which is the same material used to manufacture modern car bumpers. This material provides excellent impact resistance, thermal insulation, and chemical resistance at a weight only the most expensive cases can claim. In addition, the case has been designed to optimize shipping size. The top can be nested into the bottom to fall within the requirements for a standard shipping container.

The cases will be manufactured in the USA, and marketed through established retailers. The willingness of retailers to offer and promote the case at their stores and catalogs is the most effective way to reach the target consumer. In addition, Platypus Cases will maintain a marketing-driven website to help retailers sell the case to their customers.


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