Diapers for Dummy Dads

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As an Engineer and Dummy dad, which cartoon character on the disposable diaper goes to the front, and how do you know if it is wet? The DDD product answers these two male mysteries with technology! Printed above the adorable cartoon charter is "FRONT" in a medium font as not to offend expert mothers out there but o give us baffled fathers a sort of reassurance on the correct orientation.

Next and this is really the key to changing the world… applied technology of a indictor patch that turns color when the diaper is "wet.” If the mountains on my beer can turn blue for a cold one, the future of diapers for dads can turn a color patch so we can get good reviews as babysitters!


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    Brent Wessels
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    SolidWorks PDMWorks
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    Outdoors camping gardening
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    The enviroment and the preception of other people around me as compared to my own...
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