SMA Alloy for Canned Food Covers

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The idea is to use SMA (shape memory alloy) materials for manufacturing cans and in particular to revolutionize and improve the system of opening and make it intelligent, easier, safest and less dangerous, automatic and recyclable respecting the environment. (The idea came to me because many times I open cans of tuna invariably I have the easy open tabs left in my hand without opening it.)

Nitinol or other SMA materials have already been useful in industrial or commercial applications such as sealing high-pressure fuel passages, etc. The martensite temperature of shape memory alloys is dependent on a number of factors including alloy chemistry. Shape memory alloys with transformation temperatures in the range of 60–1450 K have been made. For example, the transitional temperature of these structures and of all Nitinol alloys can be "set" anywhere from — 320°F. to 330° varying the percentages of nickel and titanium or by substituting cobalt for some or all of the nickel. However, it can be "trained" to "remember" to leave some reminders of the deformed low-temperature condition in the high-temperature phases.

The way in which the alloys are "trained" depends on the properties wanted. So with the appropriates traitements canned food ,and cans in general can be closed with a revolutionary system of closure which will risult improving safety, security and the ease on opening by the consumer, preventing injuries avoiding sharp edges that come out with the traditional systems of openings.

The SMA material will be used only for the cover that will pass from one dimension to another opening automatically the can: When the alloy is heated or subjected to stress-opening once again, it will magically regained its original shape, "remembering" every curve and angle. As these compositions can be manufactured to almost any shape and size, this application could also be used for the cover of all kind of glass jars for opening it only with pressure stress of hands.

For the professionals consumers such as restaurants for example a special open tool could be projected for automated openings (for example, also using the joule effect on metals). The high quantity production of cans smart covers will bring down the cost of production. And it is understood that the type of alloy to be used will be chosen in order to use less expensive materials.

In addition, the cans and the covers can be recycled and could be reused as such without further rework with great benefits for the environment and reducing the exploitation of natural resources and the processing times.The SMA alloy will only need to be reactivated or the manufacturer of the can will be able to take him to another shape if desired so that the use of the alloy will never die.

The study on the application will allow to determine whether use the one-way memory effect or the two-way memory effect.


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