Lighted Magical Geometric Display by Wireless

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Innovation: The lighted magical geometric display by wireless (electrostatics) is very unique idea where old technologies come together to make a great product. The whole idea consists in having hallow glass symbols or geometric shapes or drinking or serving glassware (bottoms only) filled with inert gases or fluorescent pigments.

These geometric figures could be free or permanent mounted to glass bases (home, work use), trays (portable units) or tables (industry shows, entertainment or restaurant locations) also filled completely or partial with inert gases for a complete magical show. When the inert gases inside the geometrical shapes or trays or tables are bombarded with high energy in the form of electrostatic force created by a high frequency coil or in this case from a flat Tesla coil or pancake coil (to save product envelope size), will light up as a show of multiple relaxing colors as if you had trap a miniature aurora borealis inside this glassware. Stationary displays would work off from 120V AC outlets and portable units could be provided with rechargeable power modules and inverters.

Manufacturability: Very easy to manufacture, people have been building induction coil since the 1700s, and Tesla coils since late 1890s. Glasswork is one of the oldest crafts and improved with the invention of the incandescent light bulb, X-ray and vacuum tubes. Geometric figures and symbols could be design really easy now with computers and send to a modeling machine to create first article prototype.

Marketability: Super marketable, this item could be marketed to any wives that like to decorate their homes with pretty relaxing lights. This product would be an ideal item to have if you are in the food serving, entertainment or show business.

Imagine being seated at a table at a restaurant or bar or other public place, and seeing the waitress or server approaching you carrying a tray with lighted geometric shapes or symbols in multiple colors and in the middle of this wonderful display your drink with its bottom light up as well. When the server gets to your table she picks your drink up from her tray and the light goes off, but the moment she puts the drink on your table the light at the bottom of your drinking glass reappears. You surprise by this will probably asked to the waitress what happen here and she will probably smile and say, MAGIC.

Cost-effectiveness: Very cheap in mass production. Materials could be pre-selected according to customer wants. Some models could be made drop and water-resistant (hermetically sealed) at a higher cost. Electronics would be pretty much standard. Rechargeable power modules could be made available in different time rating use.


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    I get inspired by the great engineers, designers, inventors, and mathematicians from the late 1800s and 1900s.
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