BioClean Dishwasher

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New dishwasher uses enzymes and bacteria to save water and energy while reducing environmental impact.

• Uses 10% of the water, 15% of the energy of a "green" dishwasher!
• Uses NO soap or other environmentally harmful substances!

During a time when energy and water shortages plague mankind, why are modern dishwashers so wasteful? Even the most modern, "green" dishwasher will use between 12 and 16 liters (3-4.25 gallons) of water per usage, and 1-2 KWh of energy. Or, the alternative is washing dishes by hand which uses much more water, more energy (From heating that water), and much more of the consumer's time, about 230 hours per year!

Enter the new BioClean Dishwasher. Using only 10% of the water (Average usage), and less than 15% of the energy, it may just revolutionize the way that the world get's dishes washed. And with no soap going down the drain, this is the world's most environmentally-friendly dishwasher!

How does it work? The BioClean Dishwasher makes use of a proprietary blend of cellulase enzymes and bacteria complexes to completely dissolve food material, then rinses the dishes in superheated water for a clean, sterile finish. Simply by adding a fresh BioClean Tablet to the dishwasher each week, the consumer is assured that the dishwasher will provide a week's worth of clean dishes without sending any nasty soap residues down the drain. That's right, the BioClean Dishwasher uses NO SOAP!

Dirty dishes are placed upper rack, then (after starting) the rack is lowered into the BioClean solution for 20 minutes (Light cleaning) to 45 minutes (Heavy cleaning). During the soak the BioClean Tablet gets to work, dissolving and eating any food or grease left on the items. After the soak the rack is raised, where the dishes are rinsed by superheated water. (Note: The water is heated by an in-line heater on-demand, so no more chilly showers when the dishwasher is in use!) A mere 30 second rinse (Long enough to clean and sterilize, not long enough to damage dishes!) and the dishes are done and ready for use!

Will it fit in a normal kitchen? The BioClean Dishwasher has the same "footprint" as normal dishwashers, and requires the same fittings.

Does the process have a smell? The water in the BioClean has a pleasant yeasty, lemony fragrance.

Does it require costly or time-consuming maintenance? About once per week the user will need to drain and re-fill the soak tub. This is accomplished by pressing the "refill" button, built into the BioClean's front panel, then adding a fresh BioClean Tablet. That's all!

How much does it cost? With very few moving parts, cost to the consumer is expected to be low compared to other dishwashers. Total cost of ownership, including purchase price, water usage, power and purchase of the BioClean Tablets is far less than "normal" units, about $250.00 (Purchase price) and $60.00/year, compared to $500.00 (Purchase price) and $110.00/year for other units.


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