The Pungo Wine Preservation Device

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It's probably safe to say that almost everyone who's ever bought a bottle of wine and failed to finish it upon opening has experienced its rapid degradation while trying to save it for another day.

The Pungo is a preservation and dispensing device that keeps wine from becoming tainted due to exposure to oxygen. The incredible longevity achieved in maintaining the freshness of partially consumed bottles when utilizing the Pungo has never before been achieved in the history of wine consumption.

The Pungo is unique in regards to all other preservation systems, in that the cork is never removed from the bottle. By puncturing the cork with the patented 2-chambered needle, the bottle remains hermetically sealed from the outside atmosphere. To pour a glass of wine, one simply pulls the dispensing trigger. This applies a small amount of argon to the bottle, while simultaneously opening the liquid passageway, allowing wine to flow from the spout.

From this point on, the wine is protected by an argon blanket, and can be dispensed at the users convenience. In all of our in-house tests, and all of the feedback from preliminary testers, there has been no evidence of degradation, regardless of the time frame required to empty the bottle.

We expect to sell the Pungo not only to bars and restaurants as a professional tool, but also to the individual wine connoisseur who wants to ensure the best tasting experience possible. Benefits are realized in both an economical and “quality of life” sense. Data from our research shows that the wastage rate of wine served in bars and restaurants is about 50%. Wastage in the home may be less, but the quality of the wine consumed continues to decline from the time the bottle is opened until the last glass is poured, or discarded as the case may be. Most professionals involved in initial testing remark that each Pungo could pay for itself in short order with the savings realized.

Another advantage the Pungo has over other commercial systems is that the Pungo is a completely portable device. In bars and restaurants, this allows the patron to actually have the bottle brought to the table, thereby insuring they get what they are paying for. For the individual consumer, this allows them the freedom to take the bottle wherever they wish.

All of the components of the Pungo are CNC-machined from solid stainless steel, aluminum, and other FDA approved materials of the highest quality, to ensure extremely reliable and long-term operation. Fabricating the components in this way ensures great accuracy, and great economy, as modern-day machining centers can be run unattended, and can be scaled up as demand increases. We have taken great care in developing the in-house manufacturing and assembly processes to be as efficient and scalable as possible.

With the entire worldwide market of wine sellers and drinkers as our potential base of customers, we see great promise in this product.


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