SleeP - Bed for Insomnia Symptoms

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In seated surface design for extended rest, emphasis on development of concepts like ergonomics and comfort has been increased but usually in a shallow way.

However it is not taken into account factors that could interrupt a sleep cycle (7-8 hours), and especially in people who are sensitive or suffer from insomnia, who are even more susceptible to environmental factors.

All the holding structure is useful side to side for the storage of user stuff as clothes, shoes, etc.

A remote control panel is provided in order to configure height of the cover surface, temperature, ambient sounds and cover surface opacity. You can even sleep at midday in a noisy environment.

When the remote is operated, user can set the level of the cover surface to close the space, but the mechanism only get isolated of noise when all panels are unfolded.


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    Nicolas Andres Gonzalez Rincon
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