Design of an Integrated Dental Hygiene System

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Until now, tooth brush and tooth paste have been seen as separate items. Also, using traditional tooth brushes, it proved difficult to apply the tooth paste or fluoride rinse solution directly into the deepest crevices & spaces of the teeth.

The proposed innovation combines tooth brush and tooth paste into one unit that is capable of better accomplishing the task of cleaning the teeth. This system is also much better for travelling, since only one item has to be packed instead of two or more.

To use the device, the preferred brand of tooth paste or fluoride rinse solution is inserted into the hollow handle of the unit, and then the plunger is fitted to the end of the handle. As the plunger is pushed inward towards the brushes, the charge of paste or solution is squeezed out of the end of the hollow brushes directly into the cavities of the teeth.


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