Everlasting Memories

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I am pleased to present to you Everlasting Memories, as invented by Tony Pettry. Conceptually speaking, this invention is a line of headstones and grave markers featuring interactive video screens which display photographs, home movies and audio commentary of the departed. The Design intent is to provide a heartfelt means of recognizing the life and interests of a departed loved one, as well as a simple way in which to keep the memory and image of that person “alive”.
Recognizing the potential for a funerary product that would provide a more personalized means of celebrating the life of the departed, I have developed a unique product line designated as Everlasting Memories. Everlasting Memories is a line of monuments and grave markers configured specifically to provide a visual reminder, as well as an oral history, of the life of the departed. Manufactured from a variety of materials including bronze, steel, granite, and marble, these markers would be produced in a myriad of traditional headstone and grave marker shapes, including rectangular, square, ovoid, and obelisk. As with standard funerary markers, the Everlasting Memories would be engraved with the name of the deceased, the dates of their birth and death, and personalized inscriptions. Most notably, housed within would be a small video monitor, DVD or VHS video player, as well as a stereophonic speakers. Programmed to display photographs, voice recordings and video feed of the departed, the devices would be protected from the elements via a heavy duty Plexiglas or plastic covering which encompasses the front of each marker. Further, these devices could be accessed for the purposes of repair or general upkeep via a small, locked door or similar covering positioned on the side or bottom of the unit. I have also designated that the Everlasting Memories monuments could feature holographic projections. Holographic projections are basically a 3D (three dimensional image ) projected as to appear to be floating in space. A simple and elegant imaging medium, holographic displays are designed to relay a full color moving image projected by standard video projectors. The Everlasting Memories video monitor , DVD or VHS player and stereophonic speakers would be activated via a simple enumerated , push button keypad located on the front of marker. This keypad could be programmed with several pass codes in order to provide access to the Everlasting Memories displays by various family members and friends, could be powered by conventional 100 volts, 60 hertz power or solar powered to a battery.
Use of Everlasting Memories could prove a thoughtful means of showing appreciation for a departed loved one A celebration of life, this unique line of funerary markers would offer mourners a glimpse into the personality, interests and life of the deceased. Reasonably priced, the Everlasting Memories should be well received by anyone planning a funeral for a loved one, as well as by the growing number of people who wish to plan their own, a very sizable market potential. WWW.Everlasting-Memories.US


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