Because our aim is to win the Google Lunar X-Prize (GLXP) in the most commercial and sustainable manner, our design has many practical applications. We are developing an inexpensive yet durable robotic platform,

Sometimes old technology is superior to the "latest and greatest".

Do you trust that election results always represent "the will of the people"? Probably not.

Active RC Electronic Biquad/Universal Self-Compensated Filter(s)

2° order biquad/universal continuous time IF (Intermediate Frequency) active filters type resonant and, more particulary, active full self-compensation techniques to improve the frequency range, the stability and/or the selectivity of the filters themselves with a very low cost.

This product that is being developed right now is for improving radio communication in a cheap and effective way. Since I have started dabbling in telecommunication I have noticed that equipment can get very expensive.

Audio feature estimation involves measuring key characteristics from the audio. It is possible to estimate features using an auditory memory model. In order to do so, an onset detection is necessary to identify new audio components to insert into the auditory memory,

A bracelet or ring that analyzes a person using a variety of biometrics, such as galvanic skin response, possibly frequency (like the brainwave frequency devices), heart rate and oxygen levels. Using a variety of biometric data the color of an LED in the bracelet or ring would change color.

A strategic telecommunications device(s) situational management command chair, tactical management overview advantage, and authoritative hot seat position combination for advantageous command, control, power and influence; accordingly,

M2M Cellular Modem Installations- Which Carrier has the best coverage?

Solution: Cell Tower Tester -The Squid

Growth in the M2M market has been driven by lower cost cellular modems that are multi-band and have become relatively straightforward to integrate into everything from Electric Vehicle Chargers, ATM’s, Kiosks,

Electronics technology is the basis of most products we manufacture and use today. Yet very few people understand the basics of electronic circuitry. It is essential that electronics technology be taught early in our schools to ensure that the next generation can understand how to use, maintain, build,

Anderson Aerospace LLC has developed a new compact microwave antenna technology that offers improvements over existing satellite television and broadband communications systems for aircraft in flight.

Typically, dish style antennas are 50% efficient. The most efficient system currently on the market can have as high as a 75% efficiency.

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