DC/DC transformer without inductive parts

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DC/DC transformer without inductive parts, is new way to increase voltage of DC source and decrease electric current, or decrease voltage and increase electric current. Very small losses (current for logic support) for manage operating of this unit, provide very efficient transforming voltage/current, for more voltage requests.

DC/DC transformer without inductive parts, provide specially in case of reduction voltage more efficient reduction than integrated circuits (LM 317... 7812... 7805...etc) because not dissipation when reduce voltage. When operating with high voltage, DC/DC transformer got a more than 99% efficiency. Other properties is- to provide (+) and (-) voltage related from common. On figure 1. is shown home made DC/DC transformer without inductive parts! On You Tube may to see how working. Please visit my You Tube channel:


and see short video presentation. In cooperation with other of my products, in electric car industry, DC/DC transformer provide for half of losses on internal resistors of battery, more capacity of battery, than usually.
Also, DC/DC transformer, may to find apply in High Voltage Transmission Networks and electric grid. Same design which is adapted for high voltage.
When is transformer not loaded, electric current not flow. Only for logic circuits small current.

Manufactured this design is easy and best result is if make like integrated circuit!

DC/DC transformer have a properties like true AC/AC transformers. It is provide more efficiently reduction or increasing of Voltage or electric current!

DC/DC transformer is only one of devices which is new in electronic.

DC/DC transformer may have wide field of applications in electronics and energetic industry.

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