USB TO USB Data Transfer

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We use a pen drive to transfer data from one system to other system. My idea is if the data is in one USB and if we want to transfer it to another USB there is no need to transfer it to your personal computer. Instead the USB drive has an option of a slot on its other end to insert another pen drive to it. The pen drive which is charged through computer detects any USB connected to it. it reads the data and transfers the data to the USB by operating of the switch on button. The data is transfered by creating a new folder in the other USB.

My second idea is a USB with blue tooth connectivity. The USB is charged through a personal computer. Once it is charged by switching on its bluetooth device it will transfer data from the USB to devices like laptops, mobile phones with bluetooth connectivity.

With this new technology there is no need to plug in the USB; data can be transferred very easily to any operating system like PCs, mobile phones, cameras and MP3 players. One more advantage is there is no transfer of viruses from one device to other device.


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