Antenna Design and Analysis

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This product that is being developed right now is for improving radio communication in a cheap and effective way. Since I have started dabbling in telecommunication I have noticed that equipment can get very expensive. My research will focus on quality and a cheap product that will match up with the higher quality and more expensive devices on the market, it will start out with simple simulations in Comsol, Matlab, and simulation of the circuits in Multisim. This cross integration of computing products is important because I want the data to be understandable by everyone and be able to recreate the product since my primary belief is that sharing of information will make for a better future for all of us.

This antenna product will not be marketed in the beginning but I would like for everyone to be able to recreate and build their own antennas and communicate freely all across the world. Communication between people is very important that is how we share information and make sure everything is on track, it has happened great expensive equipment to fail, this communication product will be able to let anyone communicate freely in an open environment. Also an alternative will be given by using open source products like Scilab for computation and graphical analysis, Fedore FEL for the electronics simulation. This will make it easier for many other places where access to high computing power is impossible. With this research I excect to create new techniques in communication and antenna design which will help many in need of emergency communication. There will be a lot of field testing conducted over this summer and constant updates will be given on this website and a personal website is to be expected with constant updates.


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    Jovan Trajcev
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    Comsol, Matlab/Simulink, Mathematica, Multisim
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    Swimming, Basketball
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    Everyday life
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