Evolutive Software Design Paradigm (ESDP)

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Evolutive Software Design Paradigm (ESDP) is a paradigm of software creation backed up by the Artificial Intelligence field. What is it about this idea? It is simple, software that is capable to learn with user's experience using it ("learn" as in enhancing functions by itself, or even create new ones). This software must count with an AI engine that lets the software to grow in a certain way the user wants. The software must be capable of analyzing the situation (the "needs") and should be capable of writing the code for providing the solution, without vendor's intervention. This makes this kind of software cost-effective to use, because the user wouldn't have much need of querying the vendor about a certain functionality, providing that the software is able to compute it.

It is innovative because it opens a new generation of software creation, where you could sell a certain software suited for a basic purpose, and with the time it is software being used, it evolves "the user's way", making it more comfortable to work with. Of course, there could exist "side-programmers" that grows software in a certain way, letting them to sell the configuration file and provide a full-fledged stage of a certain software.

How it works?
From the user's point of view: Let's say the user has an audio editing software (prone to grow in the "audio engineering field"), which suits most of the needs of an audio editor. However, this user may need DSP effects, the user should be able to "explain" or "raise the need" of such effects and the software should be capable of growing the functionality. Another user perhaps doesn't need such DSP effects, so he may not "grow that need".

From the developer's point of view: The software developer needs to implement "at least" a polymorphic engine that lets the software to modify itself. However, the polymorphic feature it's useless by itself if it doesn't come with an AI engine that determines user needs.

When an user can't "grow a feature", the computation can be done externally using vendor's servers or in-home distributed computers. Or a programmer could write the code himself if that's a preferred way.

Its application is multi-purpose. Virtually any field that has an evolving context could take advantage of this technology.

Note: Very often polymorphic engines or AI features were used agains antiviruses by malware. Nonetheless such expertise could be used for better purposes.


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