Television Logo Eliminator

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Most television broadcast stations, cable channels, and satellite channels use logos extensively. For example, in the History Channel, they use a bright “H” and other items in the corner of the picture continuously. This is very obnoxious and it distracts from the enjoyment of the picture. Who would want to go to the Bijou theater and have a bright “B” in the picture continually?

The Science Channel similarly does the same thing with their “Sc” and other promo information continuously. This again distracts from their picture and it is very annoying, Many other channels also use logos continuously and this is again very distasteful, but they do not use them during commercials. Advertisers would not want their commercials partially covered up. The television viewers should not have to put up with this either.

Even a television station during an emergency, had an emergency telephone number on the screen and it was immediately covered up with a logo. This action hinders the public safety.

Built into a television set should be a unit or circuit that could highlight the logo and then cancel them out so they are not visible in the picture. There also could be a separate unit, a computer unit that could do this also to block out the intrusive logos. The computer that does this with a program, could be a regular home PC that could be linked to a control unit by television set and the cable box or the satellite receiver. This would improve the enjoyment of television and allow us to see the entire picture without logo cover-ups. This will be a good thing to have available in a television set and allow for better viewing.


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