Green Integrated Home Entertainment System

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We must remove some of the circuits in the Television, the power supply, tuner, audio, speakers, input/output components, and the IR receiver. It is no longer a TV, it is a display device. Now we will build the basic tower. It will be approximately 8 inches deep and 8 inches wide. Height will be determined by which model the consumer wants, 2 slots, 3 slots, etc. In the bottom of this tower will be an universal, switched mode power supply. It will operate at all known frequencies and line voltages and will work in all countries. Above the power supply will be at least 2 openings/slots. These slots will have a plug in connector in the back. This tower will have two cables, one for AC power and the other to supply power, MPEG data, shutdown protection and 2 way communications between the tower and display device.

We will no longer need their remote because our tower comes with a self programming remote! When a device is plugged into the slot, the system will send the commands it needs to operate the device to the self programming remote. The remote will be 100% compatible with all devices!

All device boards MUST be the same height, depth and width!
This will be a Win-Win-Win situation for the manufactures, consumers and the planet! The costs of the devices will drop, the profit margarines will increase! For the consumer, no external devices and one remote! Installation, remove the cover from the slot and push the board into the slot. Removal is just the opposite. To meet UL approval, ALL open slots MUST have a child proof cover.

All connections will be made internally in the system! The consumer will pick out the devices they desire! It will not matter who builds or manufactures the devices as long as they meet the specifications of the System. Think outside the box, this paradigm that a tuning system, audio system, DVD/BluRay, internet/web TV must be a separate, external box is false.

The devices ALREADY have drivers, software and commands. The only thing that is needed by the system are the commands that these devices use to operate so that the system can program the remote. The system will re-program the remote when a new device is installed or removed.

We have built our first tower! These devices will use the power they need, no more, no less. This will save the consumer on their power bill! Multiply this by millions or billions of consumers and we will be saving energy for the whole planet!

Look at the millions of tons of plastic and metal we have saved by eliminating just the cases, the millions of miles of copper/rubber from the AC power cords and audio/video cables and the millions of remote controls/batteries we have removed from our homes!

Why is all of this possible? MPEG encoders, decoders, MPEG data streams, MPEG switches and of course, a dedicated microprocessor/FPGA!


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