E-Smart Device for Rural Education

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Theme behind this:
There are nearly 900 million illiterates in the world today. Illiterate in the sense they don’t even know the basics of education -- for example, addition and subtraction which come under mathematical calculations. The present day world is completely challenging and this situation needs to be changed. There is a need for all those people to get literate and the main focus is on the present day generation because the effect is much more on them. So we have come up with an idea of making them literate to survive in this world. It's a smart embedded device that is embedded with applications to teach them the basics of education like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. and some videos regarding the basics, such as world affairs...where the availability of a master to taught them is futile.

Regarding the project:

It’s a smart handheld embedded device with a notion “educate self.” Our basic board is the friendly ARM MINI 2440. Our task is to reverse engineer the existing one and include some minor changes in such a way that it fits in with our applications. It’s an easier task to reverse engineer the board than to build a new one which fits for our applications. The device looks like this...

An appreciable number of applications can be burnt in this depending on the requirement..our requirement comes to a maximum of 6 applications. We will be using WinCE OS and visual studio 6.0 to develop these applications successfully. Its basically a touch interface device..so that’s the reason why we have used an ARM processor here in our project and the applications are also less so there is no need of going for a high-end processor like CortexA-8/A-9 and OMAP3/4 which supports thousands of applications.

And the software testing and deployment will be done with the tools available for Windows CE and the final product is developed after reverse engineering.

Example usage of our device:
Suppose a kid needs to pursue his basic education, he can use this device intuitively. Firstly basics of mathematics like addition...the user interface buttons provided in our device help him to navigate into the device and find his application which makes him aware of what is what and why is it so. Videos regarding this take the primary position in this application part. The memory of 500MB used here..The max part goes to the videos and remaining covers up the remaining applications..So the working of the device goes like this making him aware of the primary knowledge one has to have to survive in this fast developing world.


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