Catbird Seat

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A strategic telecommunications device(s) situational management command chair, tactical management overview advantage, and authoritative hot seat position combination for advantageous command, control, power and influence; accordingly, novel Catbird Seat renderings envelop military and consumer marketing and commercialization global strategies for this remarkable first information superhighway delivery threshold with multiple telecommunications device portals. Marketing for military and consumer needs, requests, requirements and wants include lofty business, educational and multimedia entertainment purposes.

A refined space saver innovation, illustrations depicts an elevated overview advantage position for mental and physical stimulation with therapeutic comfort for sitting, supporting, viewing, controlling, and commanding a telecommunications multi-device combination within 5 feet radius with arms extended. Apparatus strengths express essential features which succinctly captivate your senses and imagination while fusing art, entertainment, electronics design and fashion.

Consumer Choice is intrinsic value i.e. apparatus accommodates any thin panel telecommunications device measuring approximately 8”x 10”x 1” (maximum six) with self-service installation optional; accordingly, purchaser selects the detachable interchangeable top rated industry leading high definition telecommunications devices from an accessory options list containing touch screen TV, 3D-TV, word processor monitor, digital drawing illustrator, video phone, computer monitor, MP3 Player, Blu-ray/multi-disc DVD, satellite radio, video game console with controller, digital photo monitor, speakers, assorted colors/monograms/logos/emblems/seals, remote control device, wireless printer, desktop tray, headphone, Wi-Fi, memory card reader, USB, Ethernet, HDMI and other options.

Assistive anytime a user sits weighing 20+ pounds, embedded weight sensor activates therapeutic massaging and vibrating, actuator device attachment arms extending close, telecommunications devices powering up with elevation level adjusting, and simultaneously user programmed, pre-recorded motivating theme song, music, chime, or message playing until attachment arms stops extending close.

Network utility increases for but not limited to The President’s Jobs Council and recently implied statement The White House doesn’t have/wasn’t being Presidentially exposed to the latest most innovative hi-tech electronic gadgets, technology savvy rehabilitating disabled and active duty military veterans, or anyone, military/commercial aircraft, ship, train, dormitory, recreation facility, domestic/foreign official, CEO, manager, teacher, boy, girl, man, woman at home/office, library, classroom, laboratory, resort, arcade, etc.

Absolutely, Catbird Seat apparatus solves the existing telecommunications products problem consumers have such as a lack of intrinsic value, no personality nor flare for excitement, and therapeutically needy, tiring and boring during short periods or long work hours after purchasing, by serving as the platform solution for marketing, advertisements and launching new pipeline thin panel telecommunications product concepts such as entertainment media centers and telecommunications multi-device workstations, which includes newly developed handheld innovations i.e. pads and tablets.

Capability elevates using multi-brand strategies, multi-manufacturers’ operating systems, and Brown Systems, Inc. specific applications. Product manufacturing require developing prototypes, additional business development, financial support, heavy employment, new assembly plants construction and existing products upgrades for increasing sales growth in mid- and high-end telecommunications device markets.

Finally, additional innovation generates from fee services revenue streams such as satellite radio, video phone, internet, discounted e-software, e-music, e-video games, Blu-ray/DVD e-movies, and e-orders requesting anything special including historical records, documentaries, previously aired TV-radio programs, books, etc. and priced individually/monthly.


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