Single Wire/Object Transmission, and future of WPT

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Single Wire/Object Transmission, and future repercussions on the technology of Wireless Power Transmission (WPT)

Engineering solutions to the development of techniques to transfer power through any physical medium or object is envisioned to mitigate the complexity involved in the wiring of electronic and electrical systems.

Single wire transmission is relatively obscure, although various attempts to demonstrate wireless power transfer phenomena have been met with some success in recent history, as industry keeps searching for new approaches and methods. Our work would be to design, or rather invent a technology that would enable us to create and transmit power at any place using the environment around us. Of course, we do not make this claim without any credible evidence, and based on our and results that we have been discovering during our current and past research, we are confident of achieving our objective sometime in the near future.

This concept transcends the imagination of a conventional researcher, and starting with limited available resources in this area, we have formulated theoretical analyses and conclusions based on observational data derived from the tests performed in our laboratory. This work contributes to this new, little-explored area of research, and the fabricated system suggests future use for boundless other applications.

For our idea, we wish to establish this technology of power transfer based on these experiments and observations, integrated with the theory that we have built in our labs at Penn State.

Note: No doubt that if we wish to prevail and assert the conceptualization of this theory, we open up a massive debate on the explanation of general physical processes and already existing research (most of which is a matter for future research). As electrical/systems engineers, we have worked with the fundamental electromagnetic, circuit, and antenna theory, integrated with a physical and mathematical background to propose a novel theory for any medium (and eventually, wireless) power transfer, and how it occurs, and different factors responsible for the evasive nature of this phenomenon.


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