Compact High Efficiency Satellite Terminal

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Anderson Aerospace LLC has developed a new compact microwave antenna technology that offers improvements over existing satellite television and broadband communications systems for aircraft in flight.

Typically, dish style antennas are 50% efficient. The most efficient system currently on the market can have as high as a 75% efficiency. Our direct wave design is 80% to 85% efficient.

This efficiency allows us to have a smaller antenna with superior performance to existing systems. This size advantage significantly reduces operating costs due to reduced drag and weight.

In addition, our innovative system architecture removes typical parasitic loss in the RF chain as well fully integrated electronics and motion control allow weight and energy savings to the aircraft.

Based on this our system is greener than our competitors because weight and energy savings result in fuel savings to the aircraft, every flight, for the life of the aircraft.

The future of all travel is going to incorporate high speed high bandwidth communication, whether this is internet, voice communications, or other live content. This compact communication terminal is critical to providing broadband communications to the aircraft.


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