Networked T8 LED

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LED replacements for four foot T8 fluorescent lamps have a energy saving of about 35%. By adding a wireless or power line networking electronics directly into the tube additional energy savings can be accomplished, via dimming or selectively turning off individual tubes per fixture. Upwards of 85% total energy savings can be accomplished using these technique. Considering the fact that 20% of the electrical energy generated in the USA is for lighting, this is a significant energy saving.

Area lighting can be selectively tuned for corridors (dimmed), office cubicles (Low/Med/High brightness), or open areas. Detection of occupancy, directly by the tube, can turn off lights when cubicles are exited, and immediately turned back on upon re-entry in a soft manner.

The typical LED T8 conversion requires removing the standard ballast and starter, with a direct connection to AC mains, which is perfect for a power line communication scheme such as this.

A central remote control or network connection can allow for a web based application to control office or plant lighting.


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