Compact, Low Power Uncompressed HD Video Recorder

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High quality lenses and image sensors for High Definition video are widely available in many current video cameras.

However, in order to record HD, the video is typically highly compressed, which typically involves some compromises in image quality. Typically the video is watchable, but a high degree of image detail or color information is lost.

For applications that require high quality images, a better approach is needed, and that is recording "Full Uncompressed" Video. This is especially important for surveillance, instrumentation, and military applications.

Our design is for a low cost, low power, ultimate image quality video recorder. Since our design records full uncompressed video, no image quality is lost.

Also, if ancillary data is present in the HD-SDI video/audio stream, it is recorded, as well as up to 32 channels of 24-Bit / 48K audio.

Our device is 5.4" wide, 4.5" high, and 1.1" thick, and includes a state-of-the-art 5” LCD Monitor with an exceptionally wide viewing angle, with no color shifting, dimming or loss of contrast. It draws a maximum of 15 watts.

We know of no other design that is more compact, draws less power, and has dual recording for safety.

Our design is unique in that it records to two removable Solid State Disks (SSD's) simultaneously to ensure a very high degree of reliability.

If desired, both SSD’s may be used in sequence to double the record time, with no loss of video or audio as our device automatically switches from SSD 1 to SSD 2.

For very long record times, the SSD’s may be “Hot Swapped” without interrupting the recording.

Timecode is accepted from external sources or generated internally.

Our design is rugged, and should be able to withstand high G-Loads, vibration, high temperatures, and high altitudes. It has no fan and is 100% silent.

It can also record 3D, or two separate HD video streams.

Our design is very innovative in that we have solved the issue of SSD's losing performance (slowing down) as they get close to full capacity. Thus our unit can record full uncompressed video without loss of video frames.

And we have solved the issue of SSD's slowing down with repeated use. Thus, our SSD's will not slow down over time.

The importance of the above two breakthroughs should not be minimized.


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