Biometrics Bracelet or Ring

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A bracelet or ring that analyzes a person using a variety of biometrics, such as galvanic skin response, possibly frequency (like the brainwave frequency devices), heart rate and oxygen levels. Using a variety of biometric data the color of an LED in the bracelet or ring would change color. If the overall energy level or biometric levels of the person lowered it would turn for example blue, and if the overall levels went up it would turn green with clean being the normal. This could be sold for fun, basically stating that it is a party gift to show if someone likes something. It could also serve as an electronic muscle testing device that would help people figure out what is compatible with his or her body. For example, your in a supplement store and you don't know what brand of multivitamin to get. Theoretically, you would be able to pick up the multivitamin in the opposite hand as the bracelet or ring is on and the color would change telling you whether it affects your body's biometric levels positively or negatively. This would also work in roughly determining what kind of food someone's body may want to eat or help parents determine if they are feeding their babies food that is compatible with their bodies.


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    Shasta Palmer
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