Voice Activated Alarm System

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The human voice has the ability to control or operate an alarm, a radio or a variety of other devices including toys. Keeping this in view an idea was conceived to develop a device that can understand the human voice and perform the desired operations. This device when developed can help the blind community a lot in performing their day to day activities with ease and comfort. With addition of Speech (voice response) functionality the same device can be used to understand few real time situations and act accordingly. This can also be adopted by the personnel who cannot use their hands.

The basic principle involved is that a Microphone receives the sound waves of certain amplitude that produce an output that is amplified and used to operate a switch to accomplish a task. This voice responsive alarm clock allows the user to set both time and alarm by voice and also learn the date and time from the alarm. The clock can respond to certain user trained commands like: have the clock speak the current time, to set time and alarm time, to turn off the alarm, to have the clock speak the date or to activate a spoken help menu.

An additional feature that this alarm clock will have compared to the conventional ones is its ability to sense and tell the current temperature. It is, therefore, an object of the invention to improve upon alarms of this type. This VAAS will otherwise function as just another alarm clock with luxurious features like voice commanding and voice response for normal people.


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