Green Power Debugger

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Many of today micro-controllers circuit were developed for battery operation.

It is a hard task to debug the product for power consumption.

My idea is to develop a low cost power debugger - an electronic measuring system (software & hardware),a combination of a current sense power meter and analyzing software who can pin point the current consumption element in the design - whether it is hardware (static current) or software (who activate a hardware element).

The power debugger will use a a small micro controller as a data logger/sampler,and PC computer as a process & display element.

The PC software will display a real time graph of the HUT (hardware under test)power consumption including peak power,average and calculated time of life for the HUT.

Data can be stored in a file and the test result can be used as reliability test for the product lifetime of operation.

I am all ready start working on a design of the described low cost system - hopefully to have a test system that cost between 100~200 USD.


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    Yuval Izhaki
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    I work for a company (Circomm Technologies Ltd) who specialized in finding out of the box solution for clients in the field of electronics IOT radio frequency signal processing product
    for the last 20 years.
    From time to time we asked to provide disruptive solution for product other companies fail to design or provide
    there are many very low cost sensor in the market but all fail where encuntered in soil who conatine salt , we have asked to find a low cost solution who can save water and cost in dray lands.
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    c++ builder ,IAR c compiler , evaluation board
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