Motorized Television Mount

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This is a Mount that allows you to control your TV Mount. You can customized this mount to different angles and heights with a retracting track that allows the television to come to you when you need it to. This will be controlled by remote control and can be station from above you bed to on your wall and anywhere in between. it can get as low as four feet from a fourteen foot ceiling. It has inter locking and retracting bars that attach to the brackets on the television. Which allows you to be able to clean and handle your television if you like. it comes with a thin power cable that stretches and retract as it comes and goes. Ever wanted to just lay down in bed and see a show with out putting your head in that weird chin to chest position. Well because if this invention you will be able to lay flat on your back and watch the show with ease. I believe this is a need and that people will use it. You will need a wireless video broadcaster and RF remote to control all other devices as cables connected to the television will not allow the full capacity of this unit. Contact me with more questions.

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