Machinery & Equipment

This product is designed to assist with the assembly and servicing of electronics circuit boards (PCBs).

Many circuit boards are large and complex, with a vast quantity of small components. When working on such a PCB, it is often necessary to locate specific components.

The invention refers to an installation for the termo-formation of the multilayer polymer plaques made of composite polymers in view of the re-introduction in the economic circuit of the polymer waste.

The Attitude Control and Aerodynamic Drag Sail (ACADS) is a gossamer structure intended to be deployed on a nanosatellite once the spacecraft is on orbit.

The sail is deployed using compressed nitrogen that inflate telescoping booms. Once deployed, the sail has a cross-sectional area of ten square meters.

One embodiment of a modular base assembly comprises a frame and leveler assemblies used to support a vehicle model.

Automating power transmission, basing on the USB theory and the desk phone headset theory. This whole setup looks at improving power transmission with easy to manage power usage by clients. Clients' meters are going to be managed by a centralized software systems at substations,

Automatic Sheet Sorter for separating zero defect sheets from a batch of printed bio-sensor base arrays.

Sensor arrays are produced on sheets that later on make up multiple of finished biomedical sensors. During the manufacturing process of these arrays various in process tests and measurements are performed.

Here is a product that speeds and improves work, manufacturing, or scientific research processes.

The novel backpressure regulator that opens or "cracks" at low pressures in chemical environments is the "Magnetic Backpressure Regulator."

The novel Magnetic Backpressure Regulator keeps a constant pressure on items upstream of it.

Water is an essential commodity for life on Earth. Drinking water is supplied to people living in urban areas from the major and minor water supply schemes.

The “Bog Master” snorkel boot was developed to enhance navigation through swampy mud such as encountered in underground and open-pit mines, dairy and hog farms, wetlands, etc., by foiling the grip of boot-sucking sludge.

Clean Coal Wastewater Treatment

Clean coal wastewater treatment is a unique concept that (1) mitigates the harmful atmospheric emissions associated with coal combustion and (2) eliminates the pollution of waterways caused by wastewater treatment plant effluent discharges. In addition to its pollution control features,

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