Automated Digital Power Meter (ADPM - Machine)

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Automating power transmission, basing on the USB theory and the desk phone headset theory. This whole setup looks at improving power transmission with easy to manage power usage by clients. Clients' meters are going to be managed by a centralized software systems at substations, connections to clients' meters are going to loop from TCj's(Terminal connection Joints) which looks like a USB Hub. Client's meter will have an LCD screen to enable the client takes current readings and previous, this meter will have a small printer section to print a receipt at every end of the month. It will also have an embedded fire detector and alarm to stop any fire outbreak. This meter will have a customer support redial button which will automatically connect to the service desk. This system will help in effecting payments, and eliminating power defaulters mostly in LDCs (AFRICA mainly). This System will have a greater market for Africa and other countries.

I thank you people for giving me this opportunity to upload my GREAT idea I have ever thought of> I pray it will be considered for the new world where automation is a Key Factor. Will be glad to hear from you soon. Thank you.


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