CO2 Dissociator (Future Artificial Tree)

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Without talking about green house gas, GHG, and its environmental effects, all people around the world know that perfectly. The natural resource of oxygen is unfortunately disappearing so fast from our world in order to feed our industrial activities.

The idea is that at high temperature the carbon dioxide starts to dissociate into carbon monoxide and oxygen and at this moment, partially ionized gas will appear, which we can call  weak plasma. The carbon dioxide under this situation, and according to reaction kinematics, conserves to be in chemical equilibrium with carbon monoxide, oxygen and also its ions which appears strongly in the chain reaction. The electromagnetic field will make us able to control these ions and hence we can produce unbalanced chemically regions by moving the charged ions outside the reaction zone, which will force carbon dioxide to dissociate more in order to reach the equilibrium again. Oxygen and carbon monoxide can be gotten out. Oxygen can return to the atmosphere and carbon monoxide can be used for production of fossil fuel. So that it seems to be an artificial tree.

The heat used is designed to be gotten from the solar collectors and also solar cells provide electrical power to the electromagnetic field.

This equipment can be used individually as an artificial tree or it can be enhanced to carbon dioxide sources.

It's easy to be manufactured, because it consists of solar cells, which are very popular. Electromagnetic part can be produced using electrical winding production line. Solar collector is also very popular in the market and finally the other metal parts can be produced using metal forming lines. It means the whole production already exists under different names in the market.

This equipment will be widely requested in the market, especially by the plants which produce CO2 and pay high taxes for these emissions. Also it could be used as national project in order to reduce GHG.

Finally, I'm working on it as research project and it is under numerical and experimental study. Hopefully you can see the details and results in one of the scientific research journals.


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