Peanut Wrench

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The problem being solved:
A collection of common types and sizes of wrenches (Standard, Flexible, S-Shape, Half Moon, etc.) are needed to safely tighten or loosen a fastener and without damage to the fastener. Such a collection of wrenches can become quite large. Accordingly, the cost to accumulate a large collection of wrenches can get expensive. Also, bigger, costly tool boxes are needed to store the many types and sizes of wrenches. Big tool boxes filled with all sorts of wrenches are heavy and cumbersome for mobile or field use and take up a lot of precious space in a small shop or service vehicle (...the Space Station).

Solution offered:
PEANUT WRENCHES are a set of box end fittings that are coupled to handles of differing types and sizes to make a wrench. The box end fittings may be (1) standard or ratcheting type, (2) sized to fit SAE or metric (6-point or 12-point) hex head fasteners, (3) sized to fit external Torx or Torx-Plus head fasteners, and (4) sized to fit square, spline, and various custom types and sizes of fastener heads. Handles are coupled to the box end fittings by employing standard 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1-inch square drive or any custom size/shape.

1. Reduces the quantity and weight of wrenches in a collection needed while not limiting the type and size fitment possibilities.
2. Minimizes the storage space needed.
3. Uses less raw material to make.
4. Requires smaller production tooling.
5. Consumes less energy to produce and transport to market.
6. Can be a less expensive option than current wrench sets of equivalent types and sizes.

Watch prototype demo video:

It's named PEANUT WRENCH because, upon seeing the first prototype sample, my 4-year old son shouted "Daddy, that looks like a peanut!"


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