Electro-Chemical Machine (ECM) Sinking and Turning

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Electro-Chemical Machining is a non-traditional way of machining conductive materials. This way is based on the electrolysis concept, as the current passes from tool to workpiece through the electrolyte, the workpiece is to be ionized, then ions are moved tending to precipitate on the tool but it will be flushed by the flow of the electrolyte; due to ions removal, a cavity is produced having a shape which is similar to that of the used tool with little bit lrger dimensions. This difference in dimensions is because of the flow of the electrical charges. Because of this difference the tool is designed slightly smaller than the needed dimensions in order to compensate for the difference to get the desired cavity.

The benefits we can get from this way of machining is that the resulted product will be free of stresses; i.e. no mechanical or thermal or residual stresses exist. This is why this way is used mainly in critical machining that need a product free of stresses.

- This machine is designed and produced and tested by our work team.

- This machine is PLC controlled.

- This machine is combining both sinking and turning in on machine.

- Pro/E is used in mechanical parts design.


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