Metronome Boom

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Metronome Boom

A mechanical boom arm can be articulated 360 degrees from a single actuator which is electrically controlled. The design is scalable and has a wide range of uses.

The design is basic; a central vertical shaft is a helical coil whose proportions, materials and torsion are scaled to the load of the task. A circular weight traverses the shaft connected by a mechanism that travels up or down the shaft and can move the weight off center from the central boom.

The helical design of the central shaft is scalable; the design coefficients determine the amount of bending the shaft will be subjected to by the vertical position and offset of the weight. The boom can accommodate a load proportional to the design factors of the scalable parameters.

As the weight is moved off center, the helical shaft bends proportionally, the higher the weight is located and the greater the offset, the greater the bending. The circular weight is offset by a simple x-y positioning mechanism. In addition to the offset positioning, the weight can be positioned vertically along any point of the central shaft by a gear mechanism.

Hydraulics are not required as electronic actuators control the movement of the weight which directs the movement of the boom. Programmable control of the weight’s position is possible and allows autonomous control of boom operations in necessary situations. Algorithms can be employed as the weight is re-centered and moved to a low park position to minimize the snapback and oscillations of the helical central shaft.

An exoskeleton completes the framework for mounting apparatus that provide utilitarian functions. Many uses are imagined, at large scales: manipulating nets for fishing or oil capture from boats; particularly suited for surveillance over a wide span; providing firefighters with an apparatus that can be threaded with a fire hose to accurately direct water hoses with precision without risk to personnel in an urban or radioactive setting; to simple pick and place operations. At smaller scales the metronome boom finds uses for elderly home care, mounted to mobile chairs extending reach. A programmable version can be used for plant watering with minimized waste. The boom can be mounted on a Segway for autonomous remote control.

In closing, the metronome boom can be an integral component to many imaginative uses of benefit as it forms the articulated backbone of gravitationally based devices.


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