Drill Driven Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

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The Worlds ONLY Drill Driven Carpenters Pencil Sharpener!


The patent pending "SpeedSharp" carpenter pencil sharpener is the first and only carpenter pencil sharpener that can both be drill driven AND used by hand. The unique design allows everyone from the professional to the homeowner to quickly and safely sharpen their carpenters pencil.

Why use a Carpenters pencil? Round pencils not only break easily but will ROLL off of the work surface!

Why use the SpeedSharp?

The usual technique to sharpen a carpenters pencil is to use a utility knife or handheld sharpener. Using the utility knife method often results in removing excessive amounts of the pencil to get a good point. Sharpening you pencil with a handheld sharpener though faster generally leaves a round flat tip that requires filing or sanding for an acceptable point. The SpeedSharp sharpener is FAST and leaves a fine point for accurate lines as well as only removing the necessary pencil material to get a good sharp point.


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