An Installation for the Termo-Formation of Multilayer Polymer Plaques

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The invention refers to an installation for the termo-formation of the multilayer polymer plaques made of composite polymers in view of the re-introduction in the economic circuit of the polymer waste. The technical problem which is resolved with the invention is the one with which through the realization a formatting installation of the multilayer plaques made from polymer waste, it is mixed, stratified, and then is thermo-formed through specific procedures, the plastic debris considered waste, in new products used in different areas.

With the utilization of the formatting installation of the multilayer plaques the following advantages are obtained:
- The superior employment of the polymeric waste;
- High and constant quality of the products;
- Important energy and prime material savings;
- An important environmental protection.

According to fig. 1, (general view), the installation for the formatting of multilayer plaques is made of a famework (A) which has at its extremities two work tables (B) which have a number of feed roller with free movement and in the central zone of the famework is found the real technological zone which is formed by a module for advance heating (C), a thermo-formatting module (D) and a cooling module (E) as well as a module for mechanical forwarding (F).

According to fig. 2-3, (technological drawing), each of these modules are composed themselves by:
- An advance heating module which has canals for circulation of the recirculated air, control traps as well as a convenient number of thermo-couple for measuring and control, an additional source of heating in order to achieve the required temperature;
- A proper thermo-formatting module (D) made of the supports of the electrical resistance or the gas burning heads – based on the chosen solution for heating, canals for the air circulation, control traps as well as a convenient number of thermo-couple for measuring and control;
- A cooling module (E) made of a shell with insulated walls and some cooling installations, already known;
- A mechanical forwarding module (F) made of supports fameworks, stretch rolls, multiple roller press, the transportation band as well as control panel and dispositive to set the height of work.

The production costs are relatively low due to the simplicity of the equipment and can be amortized in short time by selling the very low cost at raw materials, which is considered polluting waste.


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