One-Handed/Two-Handed Keyboard

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This is an innovative keyboard design that can be operated one handed, left or right hand, or with both hands, by pressing only one or two of the ten buttons. There is one key for each finger but each finger can cross the 2mm divide and press two buttons. When one button is pressed & released or a second is pressed, input is generated from the 100 possible keystrokes.

The alphabet is produced with a single press or with one of the thumbs "shifted", index fingers provide punctuation and pinkies produce numbers. It is all mapped out in a very logical way that is easy to understand and rooted with contextual clues so it makes sense.

The goal is to fulfill Douglas Engelbart's vision of computing with a mouse in one hand and a full function keyboard in the other hand. Also, this is a method for mobile touch-typing on devices without looking at a touch screen or fumbling at dozens of small buttons. You can even type with your hand in your pocket! Just attach to the back of your phone or tablet and you can type with real keys and real feedback, without filling your screen with a virtual keyboard.
This design may also be helpful for those who have lost a limb. And with only ten keys, those with vision problems could benefit. Inventory or military, those who need convenient input will find this system very useful and a better solution to one that requires visual contact. In tests with ordinary people, they were able to touch-type the entire alphabet without looking in under 5 minutes! We are building more boards and will soon finalize the plastic cases so these will be available by the end of the year.

This is a step that we are taking to create the future. We are not just designing it, we are doing it!


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    Wayne Rasanen
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    Pro engineer
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    SolidWorks PDMWorks
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    Video Production, Inventing, mechanics, wearable and mobile computing.
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    Usability. The goal is accessibility and expanded capabilities for the able and disabled. To do more with less and improve mobile experiences. To this end, I've developed a new one-handed keyboard to Simplify the interface between Man and machine and help improve ergonomics with the DecaTxt., the IN10DID way to type.
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