Optical Fiber Implant Machine

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I invented a machine (#1 in Picture) that evolved into three different CNC machine configurations designed to permanently implant plastic optical fibers into any flexible materials including fabrics for apparel, vinyls, light plastics, coroplast, cardboard, gatorboard, etc. Each fiber is then assigned and placed into a comb position that will be attached to an LED (Monochromatic or RGB).

The high speed machinery is located only in the Lehigh Valley and can be used to produce signs requiring a 1/2 watt of power to light up several square feet of area, flexible digital displays up to 18" high in the visible and IR frequency ranges, safety signage, electronic targets for theme parks, lighted reflective safety strips, Bio-Feedback medical fabrics, animated night club apparel, bags, curtains, safety directional arrows in rugs, interactive clothing, lighted banners, Point of Sale Displays, costumes, high fashion, wedding dresses, belts, military bullet proof vest covers with bio-feedback capability unaffected by impact or punctures, backdrops, car interiors, seat covers, awnings, umbrellas, SCUBA outfits, animated talking pillows, T-Shirt appliques, and 3" sleeve digital displays for measuring current, resistance, voltage, temperature, time, sport stop watch, and more.


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    Lee Wainwright
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    Creating light-emitting technologies
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    Positive energy and the love of my life.
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