Vacuum Tile Grid System

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The Vacuum Tile Grid System is a multifunctional system designed to keep shop floors clean and safer by providing a solution to keep dust off shop floors.

This grid system has the flexibility of being incorporated into any manufacturing environment which utilizes machinery that generates fine dust or large shavings. The individual tiles are designed to be easily connected in a straight line that allows air to flow beneath the tiles into a standard shop vac as well as providing a constant stream of airflow to eliminate all dust that falls beneath the tiles.

The complete system is comprised of three components. The main component which is the vacuum tile is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is a common material that is durable as well as economical allowing for a low cost and longevity. The next component consists of a simple end cap made of HDPE that attaches to the end the final grid. The final component is an adapter that will facilitate the channelling of airflow from the tiles to a standard shop vacuum. This adapter is designed to be constructed of ABS plastic, which is the same material used on common plumbing fixtures. As with the HDPE plastic, ABS pipe fittings are cost effective and resilient. The adapter can also connect to ABS pipe and this design gives the system the ability to be constructed virtually any size and accommodate the largest machines.

Although this system is designed for the manufacturing industry which is frequently exposed to the dust created by CNC machines, table saws and other various dust generating equipment, the versatility and simplicity of the Vacuum Tile Grid System allows it to be a practical piece of equipment for any home workshop or garage. An important feature of this system is that it will provide safety for workers on shop floors by keeping the ground clean and clear of dust. It is a surface that provides more grip thus preventing slipping accidents around dangerous equipment.


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