Neural Signal Recognition (NSR)

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Any task that we perform is a result of the thoughts that is generated in our brain. When a thought is originated, a certain chemical reaction is carried out in the brain. These signals in the form of chemical are converted into electrical form by a part of the neuron called synapse. Then this electrical signal is transmitted to the respective part of the body through millions of neurons. Our objective is to access those electrical signals and to perform certain process on them then recognize the function that is associated with that signal. Enhancing this project it is possible to make people control external devices just through their neural signal interfacing to those devices, this is very usefull for handicapps.

Introduction to project:

An essential step in studying nerve cell interaction during information processing is the extracellular microelectrode recording of the electrical activity of groups of adjacent cells. The recording usually contains the superposition of the spike trains produced by a number of neurons in the vicinity of the electrode. It is therefore necessary to correctly classify the signals generated by these different neurons.The electrical patterns generated in the brain are classified depending upon the frequency band they occupy; they are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta and Mu.

Main objective of our project is to generate some of these patterns using necessary MATLAB algorithms, then that signal is amplified to make the further processing error free and easier. Then the suitable recognition system is designed to recognize the signal and extract information associated with it.


1. The neural signal pattern is generated.
2. It is amplified to make it noise free and further processing easier.
3. The feature associated with generated signal is extracted.
4. Through pattern recognition technique, the object or the signal is recognized.
5. Information associated with that signal is extracted.


- Neural analysis
- For the handicapped to controll external devices through brain signals.

- Wireless weapon control

- Wireless household device control like fan, TV, etc..,
- Theft detection

1. If we use remote controlled robots instead of humans, many lives can be saved in battlefields.
2. Just by tracking the thought, theft detection can be done.
3. Just by thinking about the device at home we can control them.
4. Direct brain involvement in gaming, which gives more enjoyment. Etc..,


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