Backpressure Regulator using Magnetic Repulsion

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Here is a product that speeds and improves work, manufacturing, or scientific research processes.

The novel backpressure regulator that opens or "cracks" at low pressures in chemical environments is the "Magnetic Backpressure Regulator."

The novel Magnetic Backpressure Regulator keeps a constant pressure on items upstream of it. It is a normally-closed valve that opens when the pressure goes above a threshold value, thus maintaining a constant backpressure.

The novel Magnetic Backpressure Regulator comprises a conduit for channelling a fluid under pressure, a regulator for exhausting the fluid when pressure setting is exceeded, a valve for opening and closing flow of the fluid in the regulator, and a screw for variably setting force of repulsion by rotation.

The upper portion of the valve comprises an embedded permanent magnet. The lower portion of the screw comprises an embedded permanent magnet. The permanent magnet of the valve has opposite orientation to the permanent magnet of the screw so that the outlet of the regulator is normally closed by bias due to magnetic repulsion. The valve slidably opens the outlet of the regulator when internal pressure of the conduit exceeds the force of repulsion set by the screw.

Please refer to the detailed drawings of the Magnetic Backpressure Regulator.

Patent application "Backpressure Regulator using Magnetic Repulsion" has been filed by the Solver for potential licensing.


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