Step Feeder Equipment

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Presently, this equipment is very much useful for the forging and automation industry.The main function of the step feeder is to orient & feed the cut billets lengthwise to a conveyor for the next operation. Design of the feeder is special because of it is motor and cam operated device it can carry the load around 400 kg. by using very low effort. Operation is to feed continues component step by step it is like our staircase.

It is very easy to use and reduces human effort and enables more efficient working. The robust design gives liberty to the operator.

This is manufactured and proven design & technology by us.


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    Rahul Bihade
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    proe wildfire and ansys
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    playing games like TT, sketching
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    My creativity and share good design to serve the purpose and reduce the effort to complete the work more efficient manner as well reduce production and manufacturing cost.
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    ProE wild fire 2
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