Hydrogen Green Lawn System

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The Lund Technologies Hydrogen Green Lawn System is the world’s first Hydrogen-powered commercial lawnmower system, consisting of both a Walk Behind Mower and a Riding Mower, developed by Lund Technologies, LLC in conjunction with John Deere and Argonne National Labs. Developed for the City of Chicago Parks District, this lawn-care system was designed through more than 10 years of research and discovery in Hydrogen technology. The end result is a sleek and powerful environmentally-friendly lawn system that uses a completely renewable power source, ideal for large scale commercial use.

The Invention Story of the Hydrogen Green Lawn System:

Lund Technologies, LLC was started 10 years ago as the Hydrogen and new technology development sister company of Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C. This affiliate was formed when a team of inventors inside the Lund invention studio created the world's first Hydrogen-powered toy – a rocket system, marketed by Estes Rockets. It was the first new hobby rocket technology in nearly 50 years.

It was discovered that Hydrogen was the perfect energy source for this rocket, as a safe combustible gas, made from water, with no combustion fumes or by-products. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It provides the highest energy content by weight of any fuel, and is 14 - 15 times lighter than air. It disperses upwards immediately when released into the atmosphere. Heat and pure water vapor are the primary combustion by-products – and it is three times more powerful than gasoline by weight.

The toy rocket led to the exploration and development of many other Hydrogen-powered products at Lund Technologies, including a radio control vehicle system, power tools and equipment, a military application – and finally, the Hydrogen Green Lawn System.

The plan was to use the Hydrogen-powered lawnmowers in parks throughout the City of Chicago and show the world that Chicago was a leader in the “Green Energy Movement.” If the system was implemented on a large-scale basis in the city of Chicago, other municipalities and organizations would follow suit. This Green Lawn System provides the opportunity to lead the city, the Nation, and World in using commercially practical, Hydrogen-powered lawn care equipment.

The Lund Technologies Hydrogen Lawn System is environmentally friendly, safe, and non-polluting. The mowers offer higher power output than a simple battery operated power tool! – and the hydrogen is safely stored in tanks similar to compressed natural gas and mounted behind the operator. Heat and pure water vapor are the primary combustion by-products. It is the ideal alternative to the rising cost of oil and gas for large-scale landscape maintenance programs.

With this system, there are no poisonous exhaust or fumes to inhale; and no dangerous fuels to transport or store. The exhaust in traditional gas-powered lawnmowers is poisonous and creates air pollution. The Lund Technologies Hydrogen Green Lawn System offers a viable alternative to outdated, costly, maintenance-prone, pollution-prone lawn systems that require constant use and a long-cutting season.


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