Greenerator - The Green Residential Generator

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Some lucky people live in private homes, which gives them the option to install solar panels and wind turbines in their gardens and rooftops. But what about the majority of the people on the planet that reside in apartment buildings and don’t own their own roof or backyard? The Greenerator gives a clever solution to that problem.

It is a compact solar and wind turbine that can be installed right on an apartment balcony. It looks a lot like an aerodynamic wind chime. It is equipped with a vertical axis wind turbine, which captures wind from all directions with less friction than a horizontal turbine. Its base is spinning on magnetic levitation, which loses less energy as a result of less friction compared to a ball bearing system. The flexible solar panels produce electricity from the sun’s radiation. This superior solar-wind hybrid allows harvesting more energy out of a single product.
The Greenerator comes disassembled in a box with assembling instructions. It would be simple enough to build by anyone that knows how to handle a wrench. Each unit would be able to reduce the average electric bill by at least six (6) percent and can save up to 2000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.


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    Jonathan Globerson
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    Nature is my ultimate source of inspiration.
    I believe that all objects that humanity creates should be in balance with nature, which should result from energy, materials, function, and aesthetics.
    Products and architecture should be able to produce the same energy which they consume. All designs should reflect the natural experience of the consumer. The whole process should be as simple as eating the fruits we grow.
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