Sustainable Technologies

Most countries face a very severe water supply problem, which has already become a food supply problem (which could unfortunately lead to wars and conflicts).

An intelligent building is a building that is able to monitor and control its own functionalities, according to the building structure, indoor and outdoor environment. The functionalities and their characteristics are directly related to building scope (the activities accomplished by the occupants), but usually are the same.

Changing the fuel source for motor vehicles requires a comprehensive approach because of the already established infrastructure and supply of petroleum based fuels. In addition to the lack of infrastructure,

With recent explosions of hydrogen in Japanese nuclear plants there is a need for a device that will stop an explosion of hydrogen/oxygen in an enclosed system regardless of the magnitude of the explosion.

Today most all traditional structural floor, wall,


Units of “solar radiation concentrators” of this design are maintained in an orthogonal attitude vis-a-vis incident sunshine - by conventional technical means.

The plane-wave solar radiation that enters a unit's capture-window sees (due to optical for-shortening),

Described herein is a design for a self-sustaining electro-mechanical mosquito larvae killer.

As is well known mosquito infestation is one of the leading killers of the indigenous population in many countries.

There are three principal methods of heat loss through a window. These are radiation, conduction and convection. Radiation losses may be greatly reduced by means of an IR blocking (low E) coating applied to the warmer side of the window.

The problem that exists today that prompted the idea for this device is that there is a declining availability of fossil fuels and other “non-clean” energy sources. Scientists and engineers around the world have developed means of harvesting “clean energy.

SunPax– The Mass-producible, IT-integrated, Solar-Energy Appliance

Solar energy systems need to move from custom-engineered installations to a mass-produced modularized energy appliance containing all related electronics, storage and monitoring functions within a single, UL approved, energy appliance. The SunPax system will do just that.

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