IPv4 Can Go On!

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IPv4 can go on!

Is IPv4 exhausted?

The current model of address allocation is over, of course, but the IPv4 can go on into another simple schema which can be applied on IPv4 addressing model!

The Figure 1 shows a schema with a unique Main Network address space and multiple independent areas each having an independent address space.

Each independent area can have another topology of network.
The transmission of data between different areas will be made only through the Main Network. Inside any independent area the transmission is between an IPv4, as a source address, and another IPv4, as a destination address.

The Figure 2 shows a detailed link between two terminal points (end-users) in a transmission in three steps.
ISPi is a unique point of access for (1).
ISPj is a unique point of access for (2).
IPv4i and IPv4j must be different into the Main Network address space.
IPv4_1 and IPv4_2 CAN BE EQUALS!

In any ISP (Internet Service Provider) space the destination address becomes source address for the next transmission.

This schema appears as a natural extension from 32 bits to 2 * 32 = 64 bits!
In fact, the schema works with LINES OF COMMUNICATIONS, instead of independent IP addresses! In this kind we can deliver practically the same address space as IPv6! (in my opinion, the MAC number into IPv6 is not a great idea).

Some stories:
1. Two class mate: “I’m John”. “I’m Dave”.
2. Two Englishmen: “I’m Dave from London”. “I’m Dave from Kent”.

In the computer terms:
3. Inside the same area: “I’m IPv4_1”. “I’m IPv4_8”
4. Different areas: “I’m IPv4_8 from ISPi”. “I’m IPv4_8 from ISPj”.

These considerations are part of my current working:
the Universal Software Model, based on a unique informational entity called the Informational Individual (having an independent IPv4!).


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