Solar Clean Water SVD - Street Vending Dispenser

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We aim to provide guaranteed high quality, safe, clean Drinking Water to all (on-the-go) individuals travelling to work, school or whilst on holiday.
Without them having to pollute their environment purchasing one-use disposable plastic bottles whilst unsure of the purity of the drinking water within.
Accessible using our re-useable bar-coded stainless steel flasks & Water purchase ID card sets.
Our SVDs are powered by solar panels; also designed for use in humid global regions using Water from Air technology-WFA.

Safe in the knowledge: that the output drinking water is free from contaminants, such as Chlorine, Fluoride, Bisphenol-A and E-Coli.

H2O Trust’s Advantageous Benefits
No shipping costs compared to our current competition in that they transport millions of tons of plastic bottled water to retail outlets worldwide.
Thereby reducing the production of one-use disposable plastic water bottles, which eventually end up polluting our rivers, coastlines, oceans and landfill sites.
Guaranteed clean safe drinking water, easily accessible to all.
All children and the poorest adults will be permitted one flask refill of water daily for Free.
Currently 1.4 million children under age five die annually from water-borne diseases & two billion people have NO access to clean water.

Each nation will offer varying tax incentives and employer benefits due to our one-off assembly, installation and long-term servicing of their national allocated SVDs.

We also aim to generate additional sustainable income from the twenty (20) million digital advertising/marketing video screens, two(2) per SVD.


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