Leaf Board

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Every year millions of people rake their yards each fall; and when finished have piles and piles of leaves that they send to a landfil or that they burn. This is wastefull and unhealthy if burned. My solution is to use the unwanted leaves as a building material. This could be done the same way as they do when particle board or oriented strand board is made. First the leaves would be collected (free material!) and brought to a processing plant where they would be unloaded onto a large conveyor, dried; then shaken to orient them to a uniform width and height. Resin would then be applied and towards the end of the process it would reach a cutter for the standard 4x8 sheets which would be stacked with resin between the sheets for the desired thickness of the boards. These would then be pressed under high pressure and heat, resulting in a very strong building material! fire retardent could be added during the process for extra safety. This would solve a lot of problems: 1. no rotting leaves giving off Co2. 2. No burning of leaves. 3. Saves millions of trees. 4. The material is free for the taking! 5. The cost would be very cheap compared to other sheeting materials. 6 It. is biosustainable! I have made many samples of this product and it is really quite durable!!


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