Brakes Energy Generator

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This idea make use of the wasted energy when any vehicle driver uses the brakes. It depends mainly on the potential energy of the passengers in the vehicle by transferring this energy to well distributed electrical generators along the the vehicle body. This can be used as a clean power source for the vehicle that reduce the amount of gas needed to operated the vehicle, hence reduce air pollution. Typical scenario as follows:
1- When the driver uses the brakes, the base of the vehicle will move forward and backwards due to springs attached to both ends of the base.
2- When the base moves, it causes the cogs by its ends to turn so the electrical generators operates accordingly.
3- The power generated by the generators can be used to charge an electrical battery which can be used to operate the vehicle using its power instead of the normal gas turbine.
The other scenario is to make use of road bumps and rough roads to generate power using the vertical springs and generators using the same way

The system also uses vertical and horizontal rods to stabilize the base on both axis while making a tunnel for each rod that is it can move semi free in order to compensate the movement for other axis. So when the brakes scenario is used the vertical rods moves along its tunnels. And when the roads bumps scenario is in action, the horizontal rods moves in its tunnels to provide required stabilization.

The image included provides an example on a bus vehicle. the system can be applied on any motor vehicle but will be best used on big vehicles.


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