Fuel-less AC Generator

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We all know that in today’s time everyone is struggling for fuel, and governments of every country is giving instruction to save fuel. To save fuel I am displaying a design of A C generator which will run without fuel.

In this generator I used the concept of REPULSION OF THE SAME POLES OF THE MAGNETS. I observed that both attraction and repulsion of the magnets can make another piece of magnet move so I arranged a series of magnets with a similarity that same poles will in a side (inside or outside like in the figure south poles are inside towards the centre) and there will be two more magnets and it will be attached with the shaft of the A C generator and it will be arranged in such a way that they can rotate easily along the centre and the south pole of the two remain close to the south pole of the magnet in the ring.

When the south pole of the magnet attached with shaft come closer to the south pole of magnet in the ring than it will get repelled and reach closer to the south pole of another magnet in the ring and again it will get repelled, in this continuous process from both the end it will start rotating continuously and with that two magnets shaft of the generator also start rotating, and with the shaft coil will also rotate than the flux inside the coil will start changing and this change in the flux will generate current.
In this design we have to use strong magnets, as they will repel each other with large force and the no of the rotation of the shaft per second increase.

I think this design will helpful to save the fuel.


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